Special offers


The program includes:

  • half board in a double room
  • aperitiv before the gala dinner 
  • New year’s eve gala dinner 
  • a glass of sparkling wine at midnight
  • live music
  • 1 x sauna gratis (reservation at the reception)
  • fitness gratis
  • internet in the hall nad in the rooms - gratis 
  • 20% discount on all massages

Price HB  (from 30.12.’12. - 02.01.’13.): 39,50 € + tourist taxes
Extra charge for gala dinner (obligatory!): 60,00 €
Extra day: 34,00 € + tourist taxes

Sport program 2013

The program includes:

  • full board in double room
  • possibility of agreed menus with the trainers
  • indoor swimming pool gratis
  • fitness gratis
  • internet – wireless and one computer in the hall - gratis

HEALTH ACADEMY – Program 700

Program 700 is an anti-stress program aimed at regenerating the body's psychological, spiritual, emotional and physical state. It is designed for everyone, regardless the age.

The experiences of people who have attended the program speak for themselves: thanks to the increased level of energy at all levels people were feeling more active, vital and much more energetic. Health issues or illnesses have decreased or completely disappeared.

SPECIAL OFFER - "Hotel Arcus"

Republic of Croatia represents a unique natural environment where on a relatively small area one can find great variety of nature phenomena, all tied in the wonderful bond of the Mediterranean, the Alps and the Pannonia. Croatia is a country of a rich hunting tradition, attractive hunting areas and diverse wildlife.
We have prepared a special offer for people who use a beauty of hunting tourism in this part of Istria. With the hunting license we guarantee a 10% discount on the price of the room.

The program includes:

DENTAL TOURISM - Special offer

We have prepared a special offer for people who need dental services in this part of Istria. With the confirmation of the dentist that you are his patients, we guarantee a 10% discount on the price of the room and pay no single room supplement.

Program includes:

  • The ability to stay 1 night and more
  • Half board or bed and breakfast
  • Wireless and Internet in the Hall - free
  • Indoor pool and fitness - free
  • The possibility of using the services of massage and beauty salon at fantastic prices
  • 10% discount for sauna